Toilet Paper-Pink

As everyone seems to be buttoning down the hatches, getting lots of supplies at the store in anticipation of this virus keeping folks locked down or self isolating, in an effort to stay away from the crowds and sickness it seems that Toilet Paper is in high demand. It’s flying off the shelves.

I went to the store the other day and would have thought to see rice and beans or canned goods being cleared out but in my amazement it was actually the toilet paper. It was true what I had been hearing, I was starting to see it right here in my little town.

So, I started looking for toilet paper on line. (just in case) I wanted to help people find this valuable item and wanted to help them find it without having to go to the store where all the people might be. You see, I want to do my part. I want to help folks find toilet paper and stay safe in doing so.

I suppose you can guess that the toilet paper companies are in full swing as they try to manufacture enough to supply the demand for this special paper. Well, this being an All Things Pink website I couldn’t break my theme and start telling everyone about something of another color, what was I going to do? I wanted to help but how, I pondered. Then it came to me. I bet even the toilet paper companies are having a hard time filling orders. But I bet they never thought of, what is probably little known and possibly sitting in a warehouse somewhere and forgotten for the time being, their stash of…what else? Pink toilet paper!  I have found the mother load. I think! Could be they are already tapping into this little pink vein of gold. 

However, I did see it and I am showing you all where to get it. I found it on Amazon.  I mean toilet paper is toilet paper in a pinch. Order it, have it delivered, and you’re safe. No need to thank me. My thanks is knowing I could find a way to help and find a way to keep it pink!

Relax, I’ve got it covered!


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