To the Pink Moon!

The Famous Pink Moon

Not to be mistaken with the folk album of UK musician Nick Drake. It was released in 1972 in the USA 2 years prior to his death at age 26. The content of the Pink Moon was attributed to his on going battle with depression.

The Pink Moon Is also a real moon. The first full moon of April. It was named the Pink Moon because of the early spring flower called the creeping phlox or Pink Moss as it is sometimes called, but the moon it’s self is not Pink. Darn it! Would have been cool!

This years Pink Moon was a super moon on April 7th. This moon is the closest full moon of the year, there are full moons and super moons but this one is SUPER. Not Pink though.

Unfortunately there’s not much more information that can be found about a Pink Moon. It has a name due to a flower and the fact that it is the first full moon in the month of April when lovely things with pink flowers start to bloom and it appears very large do to the closeness to our planet at this time of the year.

I like the look of a Pink Moon and that is why I share these links, so it you want a pink moon all year then you can have it. Click on the links above and get one for yourself.

Enjoy the Pinkness!

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