The Color Pink

There’s a lot to be said about the color pink. But first the basics. What is pink, what makes pink, and what kinds of pink are there.

The First Pink

Pink is a pale shade of red and named after a flower. The name was first associated with the color In the late 17th century.

Pink brings to mind femininity, sweetness, childhood, and charm. And in combinations of other colors for example, pink and black have been linked to seduction and romance. A combination of pink and white symbolizes youth, tenderness, and innocence. It can also be associated with extravagance. But pink wasn’t always associated with girls and sweetness.

In the 18th century it was fashionable for men to wear shades of pink in their clothes, it was perfectly masculine for a man to wear a shade of pink in his suit coat or a pink shirt.

How Pink Can Make You Feel

Pink is often thought of as to have a calming effect but that depends on the pink. Soft pinks can calm, while darker more vibrant pinks can be stimulating and even cause an aggravation. The lighter shade of pink is sometimes used in prisons and jails to help keep inmates calm.

Though some studies have shown that after long periods of pink exposure, getting used to the color, inmates have been known to become more agitated.

But pink makes me feel good, makes me happy. Pink looks fresh and clean like in the spring time and pleasing to the eyes.

What Kinds Of Pink Are There

The many tents, shades, and tones of pink depend on other colors that are mixed. A tent is a mixture of white with a color that will reduce the darkness.

Shade is a mixture of black which increases the darkness and tone is made by mixing a color with gray or both tenting and shading.

There are 51 colors of pink. Most familiar are light pink, hot pink, champagne pink, piggy pink, baby pink, and carnation pink. And did you know there is a fairy tale pink, tickle me pink, and a Mexican pink? There’s even a steel pink and a silver pink.

The search for pink and anything pink can go on forever. We’ll have no shortage of pink!

Other Kinds Of Pink

There’s a lady named Pink. There’s a band with the name Pink as in Pink Floyd and a movie named Pink, also several others with the name pink in the movie titles.

There’s a pink BBQ and pink toasters. There are pink cars, furniture, rugs, clothes, shoes, hair, finger nails, eye shadow, gems, sunsets, and on and on.

If you can think of it there’s a pink for it. Pink birds, pink poodles, pink pigs, pinkeye, and pink food.

In Conclusion,

This is the Place for Pink. If you want something pink let me know and I will do my best to find it. For now here’s a few Pink things that you might find helpful in your quest for All Things Pink.

Meanwhile visit often and see what else I’ve found.

Pink Dreams

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