Pink Recipes

The Traeger lil Pink Pig Smoker.

Hello Pink Lovers!

Well, with the season changing so is the way we want to spend our time and that goes for the way we cook.

I looked high and low for some way to present a Pink BBQ cook out but I’d never seen a pink BBQ, they are either black or stainless steel right? Mostly they are. How could I write something about pink with a black barbecue? So on the search I went. It was unbelievable! I found one. And what a barbecue!

The Traeger Lil Pink Pig Wood Pellet Grill. I found it on the BBQGuys website, typed what I was looking for into the search bar and the Pink Pig BBQ Grill popped up. I couldn’t believe it.

The Lil Pink Pig BBQ has all the bells and whistles of most other grill. It can be a smoker, a grill, and can even cook a pizza.

Imagine the look on the faces of your guests when you bring out the Pink Pig Cooker. Oh and you can get a pink BBQ cover for it too.

For a little added fun and flavor I added a pink recipe at the bottom of this informational.

Barbecue Tools Set

Now if you want to continue on with all things pink in your BBQ festivities, here we go. When you do your barbecuing you gotta have the appropriate tools to make the job easier on you and in the spirit of Pink, I found a Pink BBQ Tool Set. It comes with a spatula, a fork, baster, tongs, and a pink oven mitt. All in a nice handy pink carrying case.

Pink Himalayan Salt

On the same BBQ site you can find a Pink Himalayan Salt Block. Why use one? Because it’s pink! But seriously; It promotes healthy pH balance in human cells and especially the brain cells. It helps regulate water throughout the body and is good for healthy blood sugar regulation.

It makes the food taste good and if  you grill on the salt block you don’t have to sprinkle your food with salt.

Check this out for important care and cooking tips for your salt block.
Pink Mousse Squares

Frozen Strawberry Mousse Squares.

Pink Dish Soap

In the spirit of keeping it Pink I think we did a pretty good job finding a way to have pink themed pink BBQ right down to the clean up with Pink Pomegranate and Rose water dish soap.

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