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Cup Cake Toppers-Sprinkles

If you’re looking for something pink to make and serve, with Spring and Easter coming, I thought it might be a good idea to go over some cool stuff to top cupcakes with, and of course it would have to be Pink.

Pink seems like a color that would be a good fit for Easter and Spring. There’s Easter socials, birthdays, and weddings that seem to involve cakes of some kind and the toppings are a big deal. I’d love to tell you how to make toppings from scratch but I’m no baker. So if you’re like me and even if you can bake and decorate maybe these things might help save some time or add to your already talented abilities. As I said in my introduction, All Things Pink is dedicated to finding you pink things. So let’s get started!

Sparkles and Sprinkles

First thing; Sparkles. Seems simple, but my goal is to find not just any sparkle, but something that’s pink and something that really sparkles. Sparkle sprinkles can be the only topper on your cupcake/cake or it can be an addition to a design you’ve already thought up, like a pink flowing river or a pink sparkly night. And how about pink sparkly grass for the bunnies, or a white frosted cake with nothing but pink sparkles over the whole thing?

I’m sure you can think up some great ideas to use these items on, I just thought I’d try to help. Here are a couple of Pink sparkles and sprinkles for you to check out.

Pink Rose Cake Dust, not just any ordinary sprinkle. The word “dust” sort of explains it. I’ve seen where people take the container, shake it up, and then just use the lid where some of the dust is stuck then tapping it to get the dust off and onto the frosting or cake. Others use a brush, like the ones we use for our make up. The frosting, after it’s on the cake, should sit for a few before you try to dust it. Once applied, the dust gives the frosting a luster glimmer.

Pink Sparking Sugar Sprinkles, these sprinkles are larger than the dust, they give the frosting the appearance of tiny jewels sparkling over your cake. Look at Wiltons Pink Sparking Sugar. This is easier to use than the dust. You just sprinkle. Using either one is a neat way to make cakes look extra special.

Wilton Pink Sugar Pearls or , Vintage Rose Gold Sprinkle Mix both make a beautiful, everything pink, decorated cake. Another thing you might want to top off this pink cupcake theme would be the cupcake liners and wrappers. Like these listed here. Vibrille Pink Foil Cupcake Liners and Yozatia vine cupcake wrappers. And for non-eatable toppers, try the Pink Flower Cupcake Topper.

That about sums it up if you’re looking for a pink cupcake or cake theme. It doesn’t have to be just for girls birthday’s, it can be for Easter and Mother’s day or just the fact that it’s spring. Time to brighten things up a bit!

If you need something pink, let me know and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

Enjoy and have fun!


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